They Don’t Oppose Obamacare! They Oppose Obama!

The U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding Obamacare as the law of the land, does not signal an end to Republican calls to repeal and replace Affordable Health Care. Their ‘stop Obamacare’ campaign continues, despite the SCOTUS decision that made clear that a future president cannot undo this law.

Republicans have been unanimous and vituperative in their negative response to the SCOTUS decision. Justice Scalia described the majority opinion as “jiggery pokery’. How articulate of the judge.

Why are they so ‘fierce’ in their opposition to Affordable Health Care? Particularly since they proposed a similar bill years ago. Particularly since one of their own helped establish Affordable Health Care in Massachusetts while Governor of that state.

One answer: These people don’t oppose Obamacare! They oppose Obama!

One of them announced, before President Obama was sworn into office as President, that they would see to it that he was a one-term President. Before he served a day in office. They swore to oppose everything that President Obama tried to do. In December 2010, the Senate Minority Leader announced that the top priority of the Republican Party over the next two years was to deny President Obama a second term. Their priority as a party had nothing to do with enacting legislation, or thinking about the people of the country they were elected to serve. Their priority was to stop President Obama. They promised to oppose anything and everything that he attempted to do!

Despite their best opposition, The Affordable Health Care Act, a top priority of President Obama, was enacted. The Affordable Health Care Act is one of the most significant pieces of legislation since the establishment of Social Security in 1935, and the establishment of Medicare in 1965. Many President’s have tried to enact affordable health care without success. Valiant but failed efforts were made during the Clinton administration. People said that it couldn’t be done. President Obama did it! He did what previous white Presidents couldn’t do.

How dare a Black man do what the white men before him tried to do and failed!

For this success, they aimed to make him pay.  They sought to destroy his signature legislation and his Presidency. They played the oldest game in the U.S. history game book. They brought the race card into play. They employed ‘race baiting’ and race based fear mongering.

How do you get white people who need health care and have no insurance, to oppose affordable health care?

Instead of calling it affordable health care, you employ the “Lee Atwater Strategy”, and name Affordable Health Care something that would frighten white folk. You associate it with a Black man and call it OBAMACARE. The Lee Atwater strategy is intended to elicit white folks unconscious (and conscious) fear of Black men. Using the Lee Atwater strategy, Affordable Health Care would no longer be about health care. It would become something to oppose because of it’s association with a Black man. Repeal Obamacare became a rallying cry of the ‘rightwing’.  Politicians with no other credentials got elected to Congress on the basis of a “stop Obamacare” campaign.

That duck is now dead in the water. Racism is not.

They will continue their campaign to repeal and replace Obamacare, even though they have not presented anything that they call a replacement. Even though the SCOTUS has declared Obamacare to be the law of the land.

Racism was never about what can be done to help anybody. Racism was always about what can be done to stop, hinder, tear down and harm.


One thought on “They Don’t Oppose Obamacare! They Oppose Obama!

  1. Portia Elliott says:

    This is the clearest explanation of the actions of the “Party of No” and its “Do Nothing” congressional and senatorial leadership that I have ever read. Their inaction and their persistent rallying cry of “repeal and replace Obamacare” certainly do warrant your “Lee Atwater Strategy” classification.

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